The Merkaba thumbnails below are constructed from the sacred geometry template of the Flower of Life expressed on the landscapes of the UK, North America and Planet Earth. Downloaded to your computer, the energy set up by these geometries will tend to tune both the surrounding environment, oneself, and the landscape represented to a higher vibrational state. Most importantly, the energy field may be programmed by affirmation to support only the highest good for all, (do not add any personal interpretation as to how that might look for we do not have a cosmic overview on what is best), for the healing of the lower vibrations of fear, generated and sustained by negative thinking, are a necessary pre-condition for the healing of both oneself and the planet. Simply call up the image of your choice and programme with the appropriate affirmation. (click on thumbnail images for animation demo)
         MOTHER EARTH: Is the New Jerusalem the coming
of the global awakening to
Unity or Christ Consciousness for all who choose?
JERUSALEM: Can the New Jerusalem
manifest without the healing of the Old?
         NORTH AMERICA: The vision of leading the world into higher consciousness will be fulfilled. This is the true
meaning and spirit of "Manifest Destiny."
         UNITED KINGDOM: Notice the meaning of those words
in a global context to understand the importance
of "this sceptred isle." Constructed from
the Flower of Life template based
on John Michell's "Circle of Perpetual Choirs"
from his book "Dimensions of Paradise."
WASHINGTON D.C: The sacred Geometry
 of America's capitol ensures that
"Government of the people,
 by the people and for the people
 shall not perish from the Earth."
         LOWER MANHATTAN: From the Statue of Liberty
 to the United Nations, this Merkaba field contains
 the "Ground Zero" of the World Trade Center site,
 the Financial District and Union Square.
GREATER LONDON: Constructed from the 30 point star
 of London's sacred geometry as discussed in
Christopher Street's wonderful book
"Earthstars - the visionary landscape."

THE CITY OF LONDON: The famous "Square Mile,"
 balancing the energies from St. Botolph's,
 Aldgate to Temple Church in Holborn
and encompassing St. Paul's,
 the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange.
Click each icon for animation of Sacred Geometry.
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